Trust Services

The desire to provide financial security for present and future generations is a common concern for virtually every individual and family.

It's important to create a plan that governs how and when you intend to transfer wealth to the people you love and the causes you care about. 

This planning centers around three key questions: 

  1. How can my resources be protected?
  2. When should assets be distributed?
  3. How can I create optimal benefits for me and my beneficiaries?

Finding answers to these questions isn’t easy. There are many types of trusts and strategies, each with unique features, provisions and benefits. If planning and execution are faulty, for example, your wealth may be eroded significantly by taxes while your heirs and beneficiaries could face unnecessary liabilities.

Our Wealth Advisors can help you maximize the efficiency of your trust and estate strategy. Working closely with your attorney or tax advisor, we use a client-centered, multi-faceted approach designed to enhance and preserve assets, limit tax liabilities, prevent misunderstandings among beneficiaries and provide maximum benefits to heirs.

Products offered by Wealth Management are not FDIC Insured, are not bank guaranteed and may lose value.

Wealth Management does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice.