Financial Planning

There’s more to building a wealth management plan than simply putting money aside or choosing appropriate investments.

Our experts take the time necessary to fully understand your financial goals and identify how we can build on your successes with a comprehensive plan you can achieve using our Savvy Financial Planning software. Whether you’re building wealth, saving for higher education, planning your retirement, buying or selling a business, investing an inheritance or pondering your legacy, you need a comprehensive financial approach – one that looks not only at your investment strategy but tax ramifications, risk tolerance, insurance coverage, loans and non-financial assets like real estate or personal property.

Our financial planning experts will help you evaluate your overall financial situation and craft a plan designed to achieve your long-term goals. Whatever your needs, resources and goals, we use a full range of professional services and tools – including our Savvy Financial Planning software – to help bring your financial future into focus.

Your financial future requires clear direction, a detailed plan and a dynamic team. Coupled with comprehensive technology that manages, aggregates, reports and consolidates all your wealth in a central location, Savvy Financial Planning is a powerful tool custom-tailored to your exact specifications, complete with detailed recommendations to help achieve your life goals.

In working with our highly credentialed, experienced planners and your local Wealth Advisor, the results of your plan don’t just end at investment recommendations. Financial Planning covers the entire gamut of your financial concerns such as:

  • Life events and family dynamics
  • Cash flow and liability management
  • All-lines insurance review
  • Asset allocation determination
  • Education funding
  • Retirement projections
  • Income tax strategies
  • Charitable inclinations
  • Estate distributions
  • Business succession planning and employee enhancement

We then go a step further and assist you in implementing your unique plan.

As a client, you have your own personal website that acts as your personal filing cabinet, holding all your financial information in a secure location. All your asset and liability values are aggregated and updated on a daily basis, providing you a current snapshot of your financial situation – 24/7/365.

We want to learn more about your financial situation and how we can assist you! Contact us today to get started on your customized wealth plan.

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