Chip Card Security FAQs

inserting a EMV credit card

Better Security - Same Convenience

EMV chip cards are bringing powerful new security to your purchases. Developed by EuroPay, MasterCard®, and Visa® (EMV), these next-generation cards include an integrated microchip which encrypts each transaction with a unique one-time-use code to enhance security while continuing to make transactions quick and easy.

Using EMV Chip Cards is Easy

Chip cards offer an added layer of security to every purchase you make by encrypting each transaction with a unique code. Because each code is good for only one purchase, and chip cards are virtually impossible to clone, they are less attractive to thieves. 

Chip Cards on the Horizon

All Wisconsin Bank & Trust Customers will be getting new cards. Check our website for details and to learn more about chip cards.

how to use an EMV credit card
  1. Insert your card face up, chip first into the payment terminal.
  2. Leave your card in the terminal and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Once your transaction is completed, remove your card.

If the reader won't accept your chip card, simply swipe. Place phone and online orders the same way you do today.

What added security do chip cards offer?

Every chip card is encoded with security credentials that cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. The embedded microchip makes the chip card virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Each transaction made with a chip card is assigned a one-time-use encrypted code, reducing ongoing fraudulent use. Any data which might be collected in a fraudulent purchase would be useless for future transactions, making chip cards less attractive to would-be thieves.

Are chip cards more secure than magnetic stripe cards?

Both types of cards offer protection against unauthorized use, but chip cards offer an additional layer of security. Every transaction made with a chip card generates a unique one-time-use cryptogram and the embedded microchip makes chip cards virtually impossible to counterfeit. These enhancements make chip cards less attractive to thieves.

Is swiping my card still secure?

Yes. Your card still offers protection from unauthorized use when it is swiped. Using chip technology when available simply offers another layer of security at a chip-activated terminal.