Profit Mastery®

Profit Mastery Workshop 2018


Profit Mastery is a leading financial management program that gives participants the tools and confidence needed to manage their businesses by the numbers. The program provides independent business professionals unparalleled financial perspective and tools to take advantage of opportunities. Starting and running a business without Profit Mastery is like setting out for an unfamiliar destination without a road map. You’ll be introduced to invaluable management resources that should be part of every business professional’s tool kit.

Profit Mastery participants learn to:

  • Use financial statements as management tools
  • Understand price, volume and costs
  • Understand, predict and control cash flow
  • Effectively plan for and manage growth
  • Successfully work with banks and lenders
  • Plan for transition of the business

“The Profit Mastery session was fantastic. We were able to quickly use the principles
taught in class and bring them to life using our data. We fully intend on sending
additional team members to the upcoming training.”

Mark Swiecichowski

CFO, DeLeers Construction, Inc.


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