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2020 Economic Update

Listen as leading economist, Anirban Basu, provides an update on the 2020 economy and trends.

2020 Economic Update

In the first webinar of our economic series titled, “Navigating Uncertainty & Charting A Successful Course,” leading economist and industry expert, Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., leads a discussion on the impacts of COVID-19, and the appearance of fragilities on what appeared to be a nearly invincible economy in 2020.

During this engaging and informative Tom Hanks-themed presentation, you will gain knowledgeable insight on the economic fragilities exposed by the pandemic, current economic forces, and the contours of the brisk recovery that’s to come.



Meet the Presenter:

Anirban Basu

Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., is known as an economist with a personality, and alternatively, one with a sense of humor. Though the numbers and data are important, Basu and his team are highly skilled at translating economics into themes that audiences find compelling and understandable – regardless of the trade.

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For full citations and sources, please view the full webinar presentation. This content was recorded on August 24, 2020. The thoughts and information provided regarding the 2020 Economic Update are those of Anirban Basu, Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., and are not advice from your bank.


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